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What's the Secret?

Mar 24, 2020

With establishments, businesses, and schools being shut down because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of entrepreneurs are going through a rough patch. In this episode, Tom guarantees that now is the best time to start an online business. You may question why that is so. As entrepreneurs, you look for opportunities in the current situation. Tune in, and you might just change your mind. 

“Most people are going to be caught up in fear and glued to social media and there’s going to be less competition.” - Tom Gaddis

 In This Episode:

- The reason why it is the best time to start an online business

- What most people are doing in this time

- Search for the businesses that are not affected of what is currently going on

- Why you should consider implementing online aspects to your current business

- The trick to adding the online aspects


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