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What's the Secret?

Nov 3, 2020

If you’ve ever considered starting a podcast but didn’t know how to distinguish yourself, here’s the secret: It’s not as hard as you think, and if you have good ideas and consistency, you WILL distinguish yourself from the pack! Today’s guest, Luis Diaz, learned that very lesson years ago, and now his production company has produced over 40 podcasts with a collective 5 million downloads! The two discuss how Luis found and got passionate about podcasting, why those who want to make an impact would benefit from a podcast, and the tactical strategies to begin your journey ASAP.


“As long as the content is good, people will listen.”  - Luis Diaz


In This Episode:

  • How Luis went from personal trainer to podcast guru
  • The types of businesses that would benefit MASSIVELY from starting a podcast
  • The no B.S. steps to creating an impactful podcast and enhancing your business
  • Why “podcast storming” DOUBLED a podcaster’s audience
  • What you can do RIGHT NOW to embark on your podcast journey


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