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What's the Secret?

Oct 20, 2020

Everybody wants to know the “secret” to networking, but the “secret” is that there isn’t one at all!  Today’s guest, best selling author and copywriter Paul Edwards, shares that anyone can become an excellent marketer and work with world-class clients. Paul and Tom discuss questions that you MUST ask every potential client, the reversible mistakes everyone runs into, and a mindset shift that will make potential clients trust you more.

“If you do a lot more listening than talking, you’ll start to hear what’s important to people.”  - Paul Edwards


In This Episode:

  • Why the “secret to success" is a simple practice anyone can do RIGHT NOW
  • How to work with world-class mentors without breaking the bank
  • Why you NEED to accept being the “dumbest person in the room”
  • The ONE question that will make prospective clients feel heard
  • The BIGGEST networking mistake and how to REVERSE it
  • Why you want to be a SERVICEPERSON, not a salesperson


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