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What's the Secret?

Mar 31, 2020

If you’re unhappy with the life that you are in right now, always remember that you had something to do with it. Today is the best day to reinvent yourself, even though it’s during a crisis. If your actions don’t match what you say, that means that it is time to change your behavior. And that starts in your attitude and mindset by getting rid of negativity. In today’s episode, Tom identifies several strategies for you to break free from negativity. He adds in a goal worksheet for you to download, which will help you create realistic and achievable ambitions. Listen in and start taking action on those goals!


“The real secret to success is reinventing yourself to become the person that has a thriving business, to become a person that does the actions that generate a 7-figure income.” - Tom Gaddis


In This Episode:

- Why you should tune out the media

- The reason you should protect your time, environment, and energy

- Get SMART with your goals

- Commit to taking responsibility for everything in your life

- BONUS tips from Tom




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