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What's the Secret?

Oct 26, 2021

It's time to drop the fantasy that having an online business is going to, in some magical way, generate revenue without you having to do any real work. This episode aims to help you get out of that mindset and show you what it really takes to build a multi-million dollar online business. We are going to talk about something that is key in reaching that level, high-ticket selling.


In today’s episode, I’m talking with Lucy Brenton. Lucy has been in sales since the age of 16 and loves being part of the sales profession. She has worked in various industries from automobiles, communication, and finance to digital marketing. Lucy is going to share with us the secrets of a successful sales call, from what to say, how to handle objections, and other important tips.


“If you actually are interested in making money and you are interested in doing the work, then you will be willing to do the work.” - Lucy Brenton


In This Episode:

  • Lucy’s advice to improve your sales skills
  • How to structure a successful sales call
  • Jedi “NPL” tricks that Lucy uses to persuade people to buy when they are hesitant about moving forward

And much more...


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