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What's the Secret?

Jun 16, 2020

Join Tom Gaddis with Bob Regnerus as they tackle the beast of Facebook advertising and ads. Bob is a Facebook marketing expert with 22 years’ worth of experience in direct marketing. They get into the common mistakes people make with Facebook ads, where to focus your attention on, and how to produce content that works for both you and your audience. By the end of this episode, you will learn how Facebook marketing works compared to other platforms, know what to prioritize to get results and have a deep understanding of your audience.


“Here's the secret sauce: Facebook can automate your audience much better than an audience you could create your own.” – Bob Regnerus


On this episode:

  • Avoiding personalization and squeeze page marketing on Facebook ads
  • Making a creative ad with impressive copy and letting Facebook find your audience
  • Creating thumb-stopping content
  • What images should you use and tracking data on video
  • Deep Funnel Marketing – catering to potential clients at different points
  • Retargeting, getting data from your market


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