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What's the Secret?

Jun 30, 2020

Join Tom Gaddis and Mike Long as they talk about succeeding in a down economy. A former champion at the famous card game, “Magic: The Gathering,” Mike is now a successful business owner. He shares his experience of going through multiple market crashes and how he went through them with success. With the pandemic still causing global panic, Mike still sees a similarity from before – a need to adapt. Things continue to change, and it’s up to us to recognize the opportunities that present themselves right in front of our eyes!


“The opportunity has just gotten so much bigger.” – Mike Long


On this episode:

  • Having multiple avenues for your business.
  • Acknowledging the changes that are happening because of the pandemic.
  • Use everything you know to leverage and scale what you already do.
  • Recognize the opportunity available right now on the internet.
  • The customers you walk away with right now, walk with you.
  • Not running away from the current situation because things will never be the same.



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