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What's the Secret?

Sep 28, 2021

Something that is trending right now in the Entrepreneurial world is, “Hustle Culture.” This is something big players are promoting in their messages, talking about working 18 hours a day and sacrificing proper sleep to achieve more. While it is important to have drive and a great work ethic, going to the extreme can have a negative impact on your health, and end up causing you to burn out.


In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about burnout, what it is, what can cause it, how you can identify if you’re on the path to burning out, and more importantly the steps to avoiding burnout in the first place.


“Try to set goals for what must get done and what can wait.”

- Tom Gaddis

In This Episode:

  • What are the main factors that cause burnout in entrepreneurs
  • The main questions that you need to ask yourself to identify if you’re moving towards a burnout
  • How can you get rid of it? I´ll give you a step by step action plan to overcome burnout for good

And much more...


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