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What's the Secret?

Oct 19, 2021

My guest today is Susie Carder. Susie is a self-made millionaire. She started with one salon and health spa and built it into one of the most successful businesses in the country.

Susie then founded and sold three profitable companies, the last of which sold for over 10 million each. Today Susie and I discuss her best-selling book ‘Power Your Profits: How to Take Your Business from $10,000 to $10 Million.


“You can´t make millions if you are in a poverty mindset, you gotta shift that.” - Susie Carder


In This Episode:

  • The mindset shifts that she made in order to reach the 10 million dollar mark
  • The ONE thing that your prospects care about... if you put it in your offer, it will double or triple your revenue
  • 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs undercharge for their services, Susie tells you how to fix that problem 

And much more...



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